Jordanian Arrested for Extortion

Patong police move against him on 18th December

Patong businessman Mohammed Mansour was arrested at a restaurant in Patong after another foreign businessman filed against him complaint of extortion.

Patong police superintendent Pol Col Aryapant Pookbuakhao was notified at 7.00 PM 18th December by Patong Investigations Division chief Pol Lt Col Kittipongs Klaikaew that the latter had been contacted by a foreign restaurant owner on 14th December who complained of having been forced to pay some 7 million baht in ‘protection’ fees to a Jordanian national identified in the vernacular press as Nasser Amin Mohammad Mansour.

“He came to my place with Thai muscle and extorted 7 million baht from me,” the unidentified restaurant owner reportedly told Pol Lt Col Kittipongs.

The detective chief therefore requested a bench warrant from the court for arrest of Mansour.

Thereafter, police received word that the suspect was at a restaurant across from the Patong electrical generating sub-station off Rat-Uthit-200-Years Rd. “We nailed him as he was standing in the restaurant,” Siangtai’s Patong correspondent was told, “and brought him to the station for questioning.”

Police said Investigations Division staff would prosecute Mansour “in accord with the law.”


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